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Kalar Dental is proud to be one of
the Top Rated Dental clinic in the Niagara Falls Region

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This is a long overdue review but it was well deserved! Moving to somewhere new and having to start over with finding the right dental practice, etc can be stressful and making sure they’re the right match. Kalar Dental was the first place I decide to try and I was not disappointed one bit! Dr. Nour was just the best, she was thorough and didn’t make me feel like I was just another patient in her chair! She explains everything that she will be doing step by step so you can understand and know what to expect! Bernadette, who you will meet was you walk into this beautiful practice, is just the best! Customer service is a big thing for and she did not disappoint! I would highly recommend booking you next dental visit here as I have already referred colleagues who were not disappointed one bit! They even accommodate late appointments for those who can’t find time to take off work!

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Great office. The receptionist is super caring and fun to chat with. The doctor is also good at ensuring you’re okay throughout your appointment. I was nervous about getting my fillings from previous dental experience but Dr. Nour was super gentle. They’re also very understanding of costs. So if you want to know how much your insurance covers, they’ll go through that with you. That made me feel comfortable. Would definitely recommend!

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Am so happy to have switched here. My old dental office was just not the right place for me and they are all super friendly and wonderful here.

They haven’t pushed anything like products etc. but I know they have most services there. Even when I wanted something they didn’t have they offered to help me find a dentist that would work well with me but I ended up staying here and not doing that procedure because the Doctor worked with me to find an alternative solution. So great 5 stars!

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Great Dental office and amazing services!
Trustworthy dentist. Direct billing. Friendly staff. Open on weekends and evenings.
Bernadette was very kind and professional to find an appointment that suit mine and my husband’s schedule and dealt with all the paperwork of insurance direct billing. Dr. Qa’aty made our dentist appointment enjoyable.
Great experience! First time I am rating a dentist! Yep, outstanding service!

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A great dentist understands that a patient needs to feel in control of their treatment. I receive that at Kalar Dental.
A great dentist is also honest and compassionate. Dr. Nour at Kalar Dental is precisely that.
She resolves all dental issues, her staff is very sensitive to your concerns and needs. First-class dental service & treatment. Dr. Nour is your go-to dentist.

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Dr. Qa’aty has excellent bedside manner, is gentle and quick. She makes me laugh and she explains her suggestions for my teeth so that I can make informed decisions about treatment. The staff are all friendly and it’s a pleasant experience every time. For someone that has a lot of dental issues and has been to many dentist appointments over the years, I can say I will certainly be returning for all my dental needs from now on!

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Had to visit Dr. Nour at Kalar Dental for an emergency root canal and some other dental issues she discovered. She was very friendly, caring, skilled, and efficient. She ensures you are comfortable during all procedures and is dedicated to achieving desired results from her strong attention to detail. Would highly recommend and would not hesitate to return.

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Anyone looking for a good dentistry, Kalar Dental is excellent.
Dr Nour is very caring ,compassionate and sensitive to your dental care. I had an excellent dentistry in Burlington, but since moving it has become an inconvenience to go to and from Burlington for my appointments. Finding a dentist you trust and feel comfortable with, is very important. However it can be difficult to do so. I am happy to have found her.
I definitely recommend Dr. Nour to anyone considering a change in dentistry or if you require dental services.
Her & her team are excellent.

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I had an amazing experience at Kalar Dental! The staff is very kind and helpful. Dr. Nour is amazing - she is very knowledgeable and breaks everything down so it’s easy to understand! I learned a lot from her about my teeth and oral health! She plays music while cleaning your teeth as well which I really enjoyed. I highly recommend her!

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Such a well organized and friendly office. Booking as a new patient was a very efficient process, with all forms available online, ahead of the appointment. The receptionist, hygienist and dentist were all delightful. I would definitely recommend them!

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